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Image by Scott Graham


HUGGY INSURANCE offers an innovative medical insurance solution. Our cloud-based insurance mobile application integrates multiple top insurance providers that help to complete an easy search, receive fast quotes (using AI) and purchase the coverage. We want to facilitate the integration of innovative technologies and the digitalization of patient records. High-quality healthcare data collected from various wearables technologies offer the possibility of a future where secure patient records can be shared to settle claims easily.

Image by UX Indonesia


App’s main advantage is the simplicity of the services, best coverage prices, flexibility and wearable technologies integration which provides risk analysis and coverage solutions that smoothly adjust to your changing life situations. It supports data submission from various wearables, which can be processed by AI (HuggyBot), and the client can receive a quote within a few minutes. Continuous data exchange can result in lower premiums, savings in claims and reduce or eliminate lengthy medical consultations before purchasing the policy.

Image by Vlad Deep


Multiple top insurance providers integration allows finding the best suitable policy, streamlining every transaction you have with your insurance, avoiding unnecessary paperwork and confusing coverage features. Users can manage and update their coverage autonomously through an after-sales customer portal, and there are no annual contracts. You can purchase insurance ad hoc or choose a subscription-based plan.

As health insurance coverage will be our center of attention, we also provide:

• Real-time access to medical and emergency travel assistance;
• Ability to buy insurance on the fly;
• Medical translation features for travellers;
• Retirement insurance coverage;
• Treatment history, prescriptions, and the ability to schedule medical appointments;
• Medical insurance for your pets.

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